Wicked Games


Released: December 2013
A woman is found in an abandoned house, the victim of cyanide poisoning which has mottled her skin and turned her blood a dark shade of purple. Detective David Parks, battling his standing within the Los Angeles Police Department, is brought on to solve the murder.

He is joined by forensic toxicologist Jacqueline Isley to solve what becomes a series of gruesome murders: A famous photographer bleeds to death from his eyes. Another man is poisoned with a toxin taken from an exotic fish. A woman’s own body chokes her to death as it shuts down, organ by organ.

Lives are threatened as Det. Parks and Dr. Isley get closer to the truth behind this poisonous killer. But as their feelings for each other intensify, Parks discovers just what he’s willing to sacrifice and how far he’ll go in order to stop a killer whose thirst for justice knows no limits—and whose obsession for vengeance knows no ends.

The shocking double murder of an eminent professor and one of his students, with whom he had been carrying on an illicit affair, is discovered on an esteemed southern California university campus.

Detective Parks and his team is brought in to quickly find the killer who’s well hidden in a maze of blackmail, betrayal and lies. Who was the intended target? The professor or the student? Was it a student the often controversial professor had publically embarrassed or flunked? An angry parent? A former patient from his days as a therapist? A scorned lover? Or possibly Knott’s ex-fiancée, Katherine Norton, who knew about the affair?

When Detective Parks suspects Katherine Norton of knowing more than she admits he begins to dig into her past, which takes him halfway around the world and as far back as twenty-five years, to uncover a string of wealthy and deceased husbands. Was Knott simply another victim of this elusive “black widow”? Or has Katherine been the victim of an unknown stalker–a “death angel”–whose obsession with her blinds them to malicious actions.

With every step he takes, Parks comes closer to the truth and, before he knows it, into the arms of danger as he slowly becomes enamored with the exotic femme fatal. Parks soon discovers an exotic and enticing lifestyle and just how far some will go to keep that world and its secrets a mystery forever.