The Blue Condition


Released: June 2016
Two bodies are found on a secluded estate up in the Hollywood hills. Mary Delancy, a former actress who has been secluded from the public’s scrutiny for over three decades, is found in her bed with her son, their arms wrapped around each other, fear forever plastered on their faces–their fingers and mouths turned blue.

Forensic Toxicologist Jackie Isley quickly determines Mary and her son to be the victims of strychnine poisoning, though even she is astounded at how aggressive the poison has attacked their bodies. As she continues to investigate, Jackie stumbles upon something that takes the case in a direction far beyond an average homicide.

When the Japanese symbol for nine is found at the crime scene, fear of the Palisades Poisoner striking again rise and Detective Dave Parks is quickly summoned back to a case he knows all too well, to face a killer they don’t yet understand. A killer whose motives and intentions, Parks will come to discover, are far more personal than he could have ever imagined.

A killer who will more than threaten to pick up where the Palisades Poisoner left off…