Coming Soon…Or Next

So while it’s been a while since I’ve had any sort of a regular blog posting, here’s to hoping that I fix that problem. For starters lets talk about what’s coming up next. Six weeks from today (Tuesday, June 21st) the next Detective Parks novel (The Blue Condition) comes out (that’s number three for those of you counting). And so to tease–I mean celebrate–I’ve decided to release the cover to The (more…)

First Novel

As I stated in my last blog posting I was digging through old boxes of writings and one of the things I came across was my first story I wrote in the 6th grade. Another thing I came across, that I was fully aware was lurking around in the background was my first novel I wrote while in high school. Freshman year to be exact. (more…)

First Writings

So I was digging through the closet the other day, doing a little late summer cleaning and found several boxes with old writings in them. Files, notes, actually drafts of various long abandoned projects. One such project was the very first story I wrote back in what, as far as I can remember, was elementary school. (more…)

Book #3 Stuff . . .

So . . . book #3 which I’ve talked about several times on this blog and have been back and forth about on its release date has finally been decided (by me, go figure) to be released come fall 2015. I’m saying early October with the possibility of it coming out sooner but figure I’d give myself some space to play with for last minute changes. (more…)

Writing & Editing

A question often asked writers is what their writing schedule is like. Day to day it’s not quite as frequent as would be if I didn’t have a nine-to-five but as most budding authors can and will tell you we take our time to write where and whenever we can. I work a day job on average from 40-50 hours a week, which can cut deeply into the writing time (though I could blame TV watching for much the same thing, it really is all about focus and discipline). Where there is a will there is a way, though some days are just more productive than others. (more…)

Welcome to 2015

So allllll the way back in in a year we call 2013 I managed to get not one but TWO books out into the world. I had had hopes of getting book #3 out in the world the following year, in the fall of 2014, only to find that editing, tackling new projects and refocusing on various things in the book world (not to mention just living this thing called life) found that to not be so. Fortunately time has passed, we are on a new year and I vow to have my next book out this year! I promise. (more…)