Exploring LA: Watts Towers

One of the things I figure I should be blogging about along with where some inspirational ideas to my writing come from is also some of the local places that have helped inspire my writings as well. One of those is the Watts Towers. I’ve known about them almost since I first moved to LA fifteen years ago and have wanted to visit them just as long. It was only just this last month that I finally did. The Watts Towers, or the Towers of Simon Rodia as they are also known as, are a collection of (more…)

Riverdale Recap (Chapter 1: The River’s Edge)

So since the next project I’m working on is a YA mystery the next few blog postings you read about will most likely touch upon YA subjects . . . so with that in mind let’s hit up my first blogging on the subject.

Confession time. I don’t think I can rightfully claim to have ever read a panel (let alone a full issue) of an Archie comic in my life. And this coming from someone who both (more…)

Favorite Stephen King Books – Part One

So one thing I’ve been told that people love (particularly in blog posts) are lists. And being as it’s almost Halloween I figured I’d do my top ten favorite Stephen King novels being as he’s probably my favorite author that I read growing up and somewhat responsible for me wanting to be a writer when I grew up. Now, I’m not going to summarize what each novel is about, as I figure by now most people know what his (more…)