Riverdale Review – Chapters 4 & 5

Chapter 4 – The Last Picture Show

In this chapter we finally get some more background on Jughead, some of his passions and what exactly is his story. And now Betty and Veronica both know about Archie and Miss Grundy’s relationship and good for them for trying to knock some sense into Archie. Good for Betty for doing some actual investigative work, even if it did involve a little breaking and entering. Plus, we get the introduction of the Southside Serpents and their connection with one of the main foursome.

“Cheryl, I went to school with your mother. She didn’t know the difference between having money and having class, either.” Dish it Hermione. Girl can stand up for herself. Cheers to her.

Betty interviewing Miss Grundy. Way to be a reporter and go for the tough questions. Even if Miss Grundy didn’t really fall for any of the questionable questions.

Did anyone not see Alice Cooper finding Betty’s journal and reading it? Although, personally, I feel that perhaps Betty knew this was a possibility and perhaps left it out on purpose so an actual adult could do something about the situation? And another thing, it’s good to see a teen-oriented show where the adults really are around and have just as much to do with their own lives as this doesn’t always happen in teen shows. But again, as the creators have started, this is Riverdale and not Archie and Co.

Concerning the scene where the parents confront Miss Grundy, Alice Cooper being the high-strung bitch in heels that she is finally paid off as she went into a protective mother-mode and all things considering, I think everyone got off fairly easy. Though I give props to Betty for standing up to her mother and forcing her to back down a little.

YAY for Sheriff Keller’s True Detective murder board. And RIP for it in the same episode.

Veronica finally learns about her mother’s connection with the Serpents and gets a little more information about her father and his dealings.

Liked Archie having to deal with the ending of his relationship with Miss Grundy, he handled it fairly adult-like and I’m really glad that he didn’t hold a grudge against Betty for the next handful of episodes before they would have inevitably repaired their friendship.

And in that closing montage . . . maybe it was all for the best that Archie is free of the predatory Miss Grundy. Although she would have been slightly more interesting had she actually been a full-blown predator as opposed to an innocent who simply fell for an underage boy.

And in the final shot . . . Jughead’s dad! (as if we didn’t already know or see that one coming). But it was good to get the information about Jughead’s family/background starting to unfold.

Riverdale — “Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show” — Image Number: RVD104a _0419.jpg — Pictured: Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones — Photo: Dean Buscher /The CW — © 2017 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

Chapter 5 – Heart of Darkness

In this episode the Blossoms prepare for Jason’s funeral while Betty ups her search into Jason’s murder and Archie considers his future in football and/or music.

Let’s start with that very Dark Shadows/Tim Burtony/Gothic romance opening.  Every time I see the Blossom’s estat, Thorn Hill, it gets me hungry for a better Dark Shadows reboot than that last film and TV show we got. Oh, come on, we all know it’s coming one day, and if done right, I can’t wait! After Cheryl is awoken from a very well done (makeup wise) dead-looking Jason she is confronted by her mother, dressed up in her very best black widow (with the red hourglass and all) nighty. Anyone else catch that?

Next we have Archie, shirtless—because the CW knows their audience—in a scene and subplot that really doesn’t belong on this show, at least this season. Really, now? Are we supposed to believe that a SOPHOMORE who was already lucky enough to get on the Varsity football team really has a chance at team captain?

Then we get a high school montage of scenes:

—Betty, Jughead and Kevin recreating Kevin’s father’s murder board.

—Archie and Reggie battling for team captain.

—Veronica hitting the zingers out of the ballpark with much force.

—and the beginning of Val and Archie if not more of Archie’s music career.

Next we get the Blossom’s revealing their reasons why they’re inviting who they are to their son’s funeral. They at least are getting this murder mystery moving along in a forward motion. They, along with Betty on her faux-date are the ones still reminding us, the viewers, that there is a mystery still to be solved in and out of all the high school drama. We also get more drama in the form of Betty finding out what happened to her sister before she was shipped off to the hospital to be cared for.

Next is the creepiest dinner scenes/sleepover of the year. And a history in Maple syrup. Luckily it lead to a real bonding moment between Veronica and Cheryl that helped push the girls closer together and helped give Cheryl a backbone where it came to her family who is very over the top not to be trusted.

While I did enjoy the funeral, it was Kevin saying “Yes” to Cheryl’s entrance to the funeral dressed not in black, but in the same white outfit she was wearing when she last saw her brother alive. Great use of Shout by Think Up Anger featuring Malia J.

Riverdale — “Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness” — Image Number: RVD105b_0243.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Barclay Hope as Cliff Blossom, Nathalie Boltt as Penelope Blossom, and Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl Blossom — Photo: Diyah Pera /The CW — © 2017 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved



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