Riverdale Recap – Chapters 2 & 3

Not exactly going to do a full blown recap of each episode so much as just list some of my musings and pros and cons thoughts about each one. People can feel free to add their own comments in the comment section as they see fit.

Chapter 2 – A Touch of Evil

As far as the mystery aspect to this show goes the second episode expanded on the first, continuing to set up the mystery and get us interested in the why of Jason’s murder. Not a lot was explained, although we did get the how (it was a little more gruesome than I was expecting for this show—another nod to Twin Peaks I would say), and now we can start on the path of eliminating suspects, Ten Little Indian- style. As for the episode itself, these were my personal pros and cons about the episode:


Loving Jughead’s noir-inspired voice-over narrations. And for him smart enough to piece together that Archie has much to explain about their summer and the plans he bailed on between the two.  And glad that when Jughead found out about Archie and Miss Grundy he didn’t simply hide it, he forced Archie to explain his actions. It also touched upon the once was friendship of Archie and Jughead and made us want more of that. Also, good for Archie for deciding to come forward with where he was on 4th of July weekend and another good point for Archie and Jughead finally trying to restore their friendship by the end of the episode.

Archie’s opening scenes in nothing but his skivvies. The creators definitely know their audience. And what they have with AJ Kapa. In the words of Kevin: “Now that romance is off the table, I’ll just say it, ‘are we one-hundred percent sure that Archie is straight, because no straight man has that body.’”

Loving me some Alice Cooper (Madchen Amick) even if she is a controlling freak show. “That’s a national obsession waiting to happen.”

Betty being smart enough to make her own decisions. And for being adult enough to know that while her head says she’s over Archie, her heart says otherwise, and to know that she needs time before being friends with Archie again (been there, done that).

Mrs. Phillips’ face when saying: “That’s why I called her.” In reply to Kevin asking if the flowers left were for Betty.

That Veronica wants to work on her friendship with Betty and genuinely trying to turn a new leaf and not be a “madam Satan” any more. Yay for a genuine friendship between girls that isn’t just about two girls fighting over the same boy but being supportive of one another. Even if said friendship is still growing I like where it’s going, bumps ‘n all.

Cheryl Blossom really is one of the best characters on this show. With some of the best quips, she’s a bitch while still being likeable. Loved her during the frog dissection scene.  #RiverdaleStrong

Riverdale — “Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil” — Image Number: RVD102c_0200.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl Blossom and KJ Apa as Archie Andrews — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

Archie (KJ) really can sing. Good for the CW for finding someone who can instead of just a face that they have to dub over every time he does.

The autopsy scene of Jason Blossoms. Not that an autopsy scene on the CW is all that important but it did explain a little more about Jason’s death and made him a little more interesting and pulled us into wanting to know why he was killed, something that was lacking in the pilot.

Once again father/son sense between Archie and his dad. Really, they are one of the strongest points so far on this show and Luke Perry is delivering as a father with sage advance that isn’t preachy and actually there for his son and to little and bestow wisdom upon him.

The Josie & the Pussycats song/dance number in the rain at the pep rally.


For whatever reason TV shows with storylines pertaining to teens love to do the inappropriate adult/teacher and student relationships. Riverdale isn’t the first (thank you Dawson’s Creek and Pretty Little Liars just to name a few) and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Just not sure what the appeal of it is from a legal standpoint when you put your characters in that situation and try really hard to justify both party’s actions. Out of all the storylines this is the least compelling and I’ve yet to hear a single person who is on board for this relationship or storyline.

I love Pop’s and would love to visit but even that server delivering the milkshakes was a bit too sweet for anyone’s taste, even if I did get what they were going for.

“That I’m guilty.” It’s only the second episode. We’re all aware that Cheryl didn’t kill her brother. Or that at least that’s not what she was talking about as the police hauled her out of school.

Chapter 3 – Body Double

The information that Jason wasn’t killed over 4th of July weekend and that the timeline is now changed up. This changes things as far as whatever suspects we may have started lining up.

Betty and Juggy getting the Blue & Gold student newspaper up and running as they try investigating Jason’s murder their selves. I like the chemistry between the two and love that someone on this show teenage wise is investing the murder, thus brining it front and center as one of the central storylines.

Jughead for grilling Dilton Doiley.

Josie finally didn’t come off as a total bitch. Even if she is still a little icy.

Ethel Muggs! Although I will admit, I don’t know if it was the way she delivered her scenes or it was just filmed that way, but I almost didn’t buy a single word she was saying and was actually waiting to find out that she was hiding things and had her own agenda (which I almost whished had happened).

“And where did you get those thigh-high boots? They’re amazing.” Oh Kevin to the rescue with the one-liners yet again. Him and Cheryl are saving and slaying it in this show with their commentary.

Alice Cooper whipping/smearing the lipstick off Betty’s face. Such a controlling scene. You can totally see Betty ready to snap in that scene. Though I’m not quite sure this entire storyline of her trying to seduce her way into revenge for the points book just yet. Maybe would have played better on later in the season. Though she is still mending from her heartache over Archie.

Yet another great scene between Archie and Fred Andrews. Archie calling his father out on his acceptance over his music dreams as opposed to his football ambitions was well played. And props to Fred for finally willing to see he should change his view and set up the garage to help support Archie’s dreams.

The slap between Penelope Blossoms and Alice Cooper. Such a great Dynasty scene.


Cheryl explaining the last few days of Jason’s life as she knew it. Really? Her brother is just planning on running away but instead of doing so they’re going to try and convince the world he’s dead. That seems a little harsh.

Sticky Maple. I’ll say no more . . . just, look it up yourself. Although pro for the show tackling slut shamming and pro again for getting Betty and Veronica into the boy’s locker room, even if none of the boys in there look like “boys.” And guess it’s time for Cheryl to realize her brother doesn’t quite belong up on the pedestal she’s put him up on.

I was 100% all for the girls getting revenge on the boys for slut shamming the girls of Riverdale but I’m not quite sure I bought the way they went about it. Figured there could have been a slightly more realistic way to go about getting revenge.

Riverdale — “Pilot” — Image Number: RVD101g_0362.jpg — Pictured: Cole Sprouse as Jughead — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.

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