Coming Soon…Or Next

So while it’s been a while since I’ve had any sort of a regular blog posting, here’s to hoping that I fix that problem. For starters lets talk about what’s coming up next. Six weeks from today (Tuesday, June 21st) the next Detective Parks novel (The Blue Condition) comes out (that’s number three for those of you counting). And so to tease–I mean celebrate–I’ve decided to release the cover to The Blue Condition. Oh, and by the way on a side note, I am also re-releasing the first two books with new (matching) covers (and a few slight edits within) to go along with the festivities.

Yes, you heard me. New edits of books #1 & 2. No, I have not gone through and completely rewritten them I’ve simply fixed a few of the spelling and grammatical errors that people have pointed out to me over time. Hey, it was my first efforts at this. While I’m sure I’ve still not gotten 100% of them I am hoping that I’ve taken care of the majority of them. While I was doing this slight tweaking I also went through and condensed some of the more lagging paragraphs and lines here and there. There are no new chapters in books one and two, no new characters or anything like that. If you’ve read them already then there is nothing new for you to read now (though I do appreciate the support).

From The Poisonous Ten I’ve cut out about 5 pages of fluff and from Wicked Games a whopping fifteen pages (and trust me, it needed it). Any who here you go: the new covers for all three books. And hopefully you’ll see a new posting from me two weeks from today. At least that’s the hope.


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