First Novel

As I stated in my last blog posting I was digging through old boxes of writings and one of the things I came across was my first story I wrote in the 6th grade. Another thing I came across, that I was fully aware was lurking around in the background was my first novel I wrote while in high school. Freshman year to be exact. I’m aware I have copies of this book on my computer and saved to various thumb drives but I wasn’t sure if I had my original copy with my original notes/edits and behold I found it. Now part of me is proud of this little gem, it is after all 400 pages long (double spaced), but it was something I wrote back in high school and I know it’s in major need of editing and it’s trash but I still love it. No, seriously, it’s almost comical. I was heavily into horror at the time (Stephen King, Dean Koontz and John Saul were mostly all I read) and so it’s basically a 400-page Friday the 13th novel, with various characters each getting horrifically gutted and gruesomely killed in each chapter. I’m sure if some adult had come across it I might have spent some time in therapy LOL But I still remember this story. Fondly. I had even outlined and started a sequel. Chances are this novel will never see the light of day in any form. Maybe it will. Maybe one day I’ll go back over it, give it the overhaul it would need and put it out there. Who knows? But for now I’m just happy I still have it around . . . in case I need a good read (or laugh) before going to sleep one night.


Oh, the novel is titled Crazed Camper and is about a group of Native American’s (about 30 in the tribe) who had been savagely murdered by their enemies. But before that they struck a deal with their Gods to be able to come back (zombie like) if in the future the blood of 30 people was spilled on the land between two full moons. Cut to present day and a young boy goes on a camping trip (I was in scouting at the time so outdoors were an influence) with his father and his group of friends who start to get killed off one by one . . . you get where this is going. Horror. Little bit supernatural. Little bit mystery. And a whole lot of crazy imagination.

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