First Writings

So I was digging through the closet the other day, doing a little late summer cleaning and found several boxes with old writings in them. Files, notes, actually drafts of various long abandoned projects. One such project was the very first story I wrote back in what, as far as I can remember, was elementary school. It’s only a few pages long, front and some back it totals a little less than ten pages. But while I do remember this story I truly had thought I’d lost those pages over the years. It was nice looking back at the scribbling handwriting and various notes and edits I had made for myself. I’m not sure if I had ever shown that story to anyone but I was glad to find it. It can’t be complete at ten pages but I know it dealt with a boy whose father was a detective and he gets some superpowers once he comes into contact with an alien artifact. He then joins his father and helps him fight a variety of what I assume to be Dick Tracy-inspired type characters (if that’s the case then that about puts this story at having been written around the time I was eleven or in the 6th grade). Maybe one day I’ll do something with this story (no not finish writing it, I don’t feel I need to do that). But maybe frame it or something and put it up to remind me that I’ve been doing this for quite some time and that I haven’t stopped yet.


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