Book #3 Stuff . . .

So . . . book #3 which I’ve talked about several times on this blog and have been back and forth about on its release date has finally been decided (by me, go figure) to be released come fall 2015. I’m saying early October with the possibility of it coming out sooner but figure I’d give myself some space to play with for last minute changes. The cover is being worked on and I’m going through and giving it one of the final two edits.But until that happens I decided to give little hints about what the book is about. Other than what can be read about it on my website. It is the third book in the Detective Parks series and it does have to deal more directly with the first book and the Palisades Poisoner that haunted the detectives of The Poisonous Ten.

One of the things that help inspire me as well as other authors are images. Normally whenever I find new images that inspire my writing in one form or another they get posted to my Instagram account (which is tscompton and generally mostly related to my writings), which is accessible through my main page. But I’ve decided for the next few blog postings, or maybe every other one throughout the summer to be of various images that that have in one way or another inspired events taking place in the next book. Some images might have full explanations as to why I chose them and some might be nothing more than the image itself.

So . . . on to the first image or idea I’m choosing to share. That is . . . the Double Indemnity house. The house, or one like it rather as the location is different in the book, is the location where the double homicide that opens up the book takes place. It is a film I love and have visited the house (one of the joys of living in Hollywood and near so many film shoot locations).

The following link is to a website about visiting the various and many location shoots from the film Double Indemnity,not just the Dietrichson home. I found the article to be quite enjoyable.

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